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German Cyklop Invests In New Melt Filtration System

Mar 09, 2018

German Cyklop is a packaging group company. Recently, the company invested in a new melt filtration system that replaced the BKG HiCon V-Type 3G system produced by Nordson.

The company said that this move has increased productivity, reduced downtime, and reduced material waste in production.

According to the company, the new screen changer can reduce countercurrent washing by 30%, reduce the frequency of network changes by 40%, and reduce production costs.

The head of the plant, Bernd Causemann, said: "The system is effective in dealing with surges of fouling. In a short period of time, the regeneration of the filter area is very good."

The countercurrent wash cycle is automated. In normal operation, the polymer flows in four cavities. When one of the filters in the cavity is changed or flushed, the remaining three - or 75% - still maintain this process, so the throughput will not be interrupted.