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Foglia Group To Provide 6 Million Car Seats For BMW

Apr 04, 2018

The Faurecia Group has received new BMW orders and will provide BMW with 6 million BMW car seats, the largest number of orders ever booked by the company.

The order includes immediate production for seven models and a seat frame for 10 models including the Mini and BMW 2 series. The Faurecia Group stated in a statement that the company currently provides real-time assembly of BMW vehicles, but the new contract added frames, seat covers and seat foam.


Faurecia recently announced that the company's orders for 2015-2017 amounted to 62 billion euros (76.4 billion US dollars), including new BMW orders. Compared to 2014-2016, an increase of 9 billion euros (11 billion US dollars).

In Folgaria's overall sales, seating business accounted for 42%, interior parts accounted for 31%, and emissions control technology accounted for 27%.

Last year, the company's seat department sales increased by 9%, operating income increased by 20%, and operating margin was 5.8%.