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Experts: China's Ban On Waste Imports Will Affect The Price Of Pure Materials

Jan 29, 2018

According to Wood Mackenzie senior research analyst, the ban on Chinese imports of waste in the next few years, the move is likely to increase the country's "pure" use.

Ashish Chitalia expects the ban, which came into effect in January 2018, to reduce garbage recycling in China, which will increase demand and prices for pure resins.


Although this ban will help to reduce local waste accumulation in China, the amount of these wastes is less than that of imported waste.

He pointed out: "The net effect is that in the next few years, it is estimated that China will consume more pure material."

According to Chitalia, this may result in higher pure-grain prices in the region. On the other hand, Europe and the United States are improving the performance of recycled resins.

As North American PP and European PP are priced higher than Asia, domestic recyclers will work to keep the region's raw materials for better returns.