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DuPont Co Cooperates With New Zealand Wool Company To Develop New Fiber Materials

Jan 22, 2018

DuPont Industrial Biosciences is working with New Zealand Woolen (WoNZ) to create a yarn platform for home textiles that offers long-lasting performance characteristics and more sustainable environmental characteristics. The partnership will bring together the know-how from WoNZ with DuPont's leadership in bio-sustainable, high-performance materials and stimulate this expertise and product collaboration in 2018.


John Sagrati, head of global business at Sorona, DuPont, said: "New Zealand wool is indeed a responsible leader in wool supply, and DuPont is looking for this quality among its partners and their dedication to innovation and quality control They occupy a place in the market and are provided with consistent, tailored fibers with unique capabilities and a good track record of performance and sustainability. "


Rosstan Mazey, CEO of WoNZ, said: "We are very pleased to be working with DuPont Industrial Biosciences, a company that has been able to bring biomaterials to the market on a commercial scale." Like us, DuPont is committed to Value-added innovations that affect the planet or its inhabitants To create this exciting new yarn, our resources and know-how combine perfectly with our mission to transform the market through innovation and align fiber growers with End consumers together. "

DuPont's industry leadership in biomaterials has garnered many accolades over the past year, including Platts Global Energy "Breakthrough of the Year Award" to work with ADM to develop a new process for producing FDME from fructose; Frost & Sullivan Won the 2017 European Bio-based Materials Annual Awards; and the recent plastic "2017 bio-plastics Innovation Award" and so on.