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Drilling And Milling Machine Has Good Plasticity And Toughness

May 02, 2017

Drilling and milling machine for prestressed component, low carbon cold drawing ratio, elongation, bond strength between steel and concrete is large, suitable for drilling and milling machine in small and medium-sized prestressed concrete structure component collocation, drilling and milling machine is also suitable for wire mesh welding. Mechanical properties 5 features and applications - heat treatment of steel with high strength, but also has good plasticity and toughness is particularly suitable for prestressed members. - but its drilling and milling machine for strong sensitivity, stress erosion and defects, should prevent corrosion and nicks, etc.. Welding and heat treatment shall not be used for spot welding reinforcement. Heat treated steel bar for prestressed concrete mechanical properties of nominal diameter mm 0.2 sigma delta sigma grade B 10, not more than MPa%, not less than 68.210 40Si 2 drilling and milling machine 48Si 2 manganese manganese 45Si steel test construction steel thread common 2 CR 1325147062.3 2.3.1 product name number represents the number of test items were 1 Tensile tests of low carbon steel strip bending test 2 (different root) tensile test 2 (2 roots) 2 bending test (2 roots) drilling and milling machine check and verification batches of income, number of drilling and milling machine weight not exceeding 60 tons more strength index with nominal diameter of milling and drilling machine was calculated according to the cross-sectional area