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Drilling And Milling Machine

May 02, 2017

1 drilling and milling machine is used in the drilling of large metal parts, reaming, reaming, meditation aircraft and tapping, the end of the drill handle the main function of the milling machine, buttons and other operating parts will be set at the bedside.

2, the outer column of the dynamic arm around the column rotation 180 degrees;

3, rocker arm along the outer column;

4, the main box moves along the rocker rail;

5, the front end at all levels: change spindle, spindle speed and feed operation planning of 25-2000r/min, a total of 16, by rotating a handwheel rendezvous (spindle speed selection button) can be completed; spindle feed planning 0.04-3.2mm/r a total of 16, by rotating a handwheel (rendezvous main shaft feed button can be preselected).

6 rocker lifting and clamping: rocker lift is driven by the top of the column motor, through the process of screw nut transmission, good arm movements. In the landing gear nut fixed nut to ensure sound, not suddenly fall rocker; the rocker clamping is by hydraulic drive lingxingkuai end clamping, clamping, lingxingkuai self-locking; rocker arm up or down quickly move after the end of the arm, active clamp, installed in the cylinder is controlled by electric switch.

7, the spindle box and column clamping: spindle box and column are hydraulic drive, diamond block clamping. Two move together, can be selected, button front panel knob (front row selection knob agile environment), in the center for azimuth holding, separation of lax folder, right headstock alone song, move the end button is spindle box column release button, button front column clamp.