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Dow Launched A Fully Recoverable Polyethylene Package Solution In India

Feb 02, 2018

Dow Chemical Company's Dow packaging and special plastics division has developed an innovative polyethylene (PE) resin formulation, bringing a new, sustainable and all PE composite soft packaging solution for India.

The current soft packaging solution is a multi-layered structure of different polymers and additives, which are incompatible in the process of recycling and require complex process decomposition. Dow's revolutionary all PE composite soft packaging solution, without affecting the sense of beauty, brand recognition and performance, will enable the packaging to achieve 100% recyclable after being used up.

The Dow Li Mingzhuang special packaging and plastics division, vice president of Asia Pacific Business (Bambang Candra) said: "Dow encourage responsible production, processing and recycling of plastic, PE composite soft package of our new solutions to support the complete recovery, to solve the problem of the soft plastic waste management in India. We are very excited about this new product, and will work closely with local brands to make use of our new solutions to help them meet the regulatory requirements and protect the environment by reducing the use of polymer plastics.

In India, the plastic soft packaging is favored by brand merchants and consumers because of its excellent characteristics such as convenience, light weight, price with people, good barrier and so on. However, the regulations on plastic waste management issued in 2016 by MoEF (environment, forest and climate change) of India, called for large-scale implementation of proper plastic handling practices, and phase out of non recyclable polymer packaging. For green alternatives on the occasion of the major brands, PE composite flexible packaging solutions at the Dow to enter the market, it is welcomed.

More about Dow all PE solutions, welcome to Dow exhibition booth during 2018 India International Plastics Machinery Exhibition (PlastIndia 2018).