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Dow DuPont Invests $100 Million To Expand Texas SRW Plant Capacity

Apr 13, 2018

Dow DuPont announced that it will have nearly one billion US dollars in investment plans in the next two years, mainly to expand the production capacity of SRW factories in Texas, while planning to put in some modern facilities. These investments will gradually increase Dow's production capacity, and it will also help the global growth of various specialty chemicals, especially the Surlyn, Nucrel, Fusabond and Vamac product lines.

In addition, Dow DuPont is also evaluating a number of long-term projects, such as investing in new facilities to adapt to market changes.

The investment will also help Dow's DuPont Packaging and Specialty Plastics Division, the transportation of specialty chemicals, and the growth of customers in the Advanced Polymers Division.

Diego Donoso, president of Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, said: “This is another excellent example of our historic merger of Dow DuPont and our ability to respond quickly to the growing needs of our customers. We can see that in the food packaging and consumer markets We have great potential to provide customers with more iconic features."

After the investment, Dow DuPont’s new production capacity will be launched in several phases in 2020, enabling the packaging and specialty plastics sector, specialty chemicals transportation, and advanced polymer sectors to meet growing demand for Surlyn, Nucrel, Fusabond, and Vamac. demand.

Randy Stone, president of DuPont Transport and Advanced Polymers, said: "As production capacity increases, we will be able to adapt more to the growth of the automotive industry. Our customers' demand for our advanced polymers has been very strong. At the same time, The investment also enables us to propose more innovative solutions in the high-growth terminal market and consolidate our leading position in the industry."