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Covestro Seeks Indian Partners For The Development Of Electric Vehicles

Feb 09, 2018

Covestro said it is seeking cooperation with Indian companies to jointly map the future of electric vehicles.

The company, which has demonstrated a car with all-plastic bodywork, will focus on creating a global solution for the automotive industry to match the industry trends for the future.

A company spokesman said Covestro will promote automotive innovation through high-tech materials and advanced technologies, making autonomous or autonomous electric vehicles possible in the future.

Ajay Durrani, general manager of Covestro India, said at the Automotive Expo 2018: "We are pleased to be working with the automotive industry as the government is introducing EVs, and our goal is not limited to manufacturing to improve the efficiency and perfection of EVs The look of the material also aims to make the material meet the sustainability requirements to support electric vehicles. "

"We believe that high-tech polymers embrace unlimited possibilities both from the current ICE (internal combustion engine) driving point of view and from the perspective of the future development of the automotive industry. By participating in this exhibition, we are looking forward to working with original equipment manufacturers in India Develop projects and become partners to explore the next generation of electric vehicles. "Durrani added.

Visitors to 2018 Motor Expo will see how Covestro is constantly innovating with its high-tech materials and advanced technologies to enhance the future sustainability and ecological sensitivities of ICE cars, self-driving cars and electric vehicles. A series of products including advanced glass technology, holographic lighting, electric vehicle battery packaging will be exhibited at this exhibition.