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Covestro:autopilot, Networking Trend Will Bring Huge Opportunities For Plastic

Feb 05, 2018

Dirk Pophusen, a specialist in thin film innovation at Covestro, said trends such as autopilot, networking and personalization will provide important opportunities for the future of automotive polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane films.

Covestro said it expects a significant increase in the number of displays and touch screens for automotive interior applications.


Display surfaces are becoming an increasingly important area for polycarbonate film applications

The company said it "benefits from the trend towards digitization, connectivity and autopilot."

In a February 1 statement, Covestro said: "The large, three-dimensional screen design integrates seamlessly with the dashboard, center console, door and seat panel surfaces. The current trend. "

A key characteristic of consoles and panels is the ability to display high-contrast images and clearly visible information even under adverse lighting conditions.

According to Covestro, they have developed Makrofol HF films that can be molded to large areas, making them particularly suitable for such displays.