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Costronics And Polymaker Launch A New 3D Printing Platform

Apr 26, 2018

Material manufacturer Covestro and its partner, Polymaker, today officially launched a new website, 3DPC, to promote the application of polycarbonate, an engineering plastic with excellent mechanical properties and processability, in the 3D printing field. The information platform provides a series of expertise related to 3D printing of polycarbonate, such as material selection and printing conditions, to provide the necessary information for the mass production of 3D printing parts.

Polycarbonate, an engineering plastic, has been widely used in the automotive, healthcare and aerospace industries. The rapid development of 3D printing technology in the past five years has opened up new potential applications for this polymer. 3D printing can create geometric shapes that cannot be achieved with traditional machining techniques. The mechanical properties of polycarbonate can bring functionality to these shapes. The advanced printing and processing technologies demonstrated by 3DPC will help polycarbonate achieve its application in more new industries and fields.

With the development of the 3D printing industry toward more specialized applications, printer manufacturers have begun to develop specific applications for specific applications. At the same time, material development is moving in a similar direction. Printer manufacturers and material manufacturers work together to create the perfect conditions for the reliability and repeatability that industrial users demand. Specific data and process knowledge can improve the accuracy, strength, and print speed of printed parts, creating conditions for the application of polycarbonate 3D printing to mainstream manufacturing. In this context, the information platform of 3DPC came into being.

More and more industries are applying 3D printing technology to R&D and production. 3DPC helps users learn more about the application of polycarbonate in 3D printing by showing a series of case studies and applications. One of the cases described the fire rating (UL-94, V0) polycarbonate material designed and developed specifically for the aerospace industry. The research and development of fire-rated polycarbonates in specific applications will provide the basis for the application of this material in all industries where safety and fire protection levels are required.

Polycarbonate is naturally transparent and has high heat resistance, which is also an ideal choice for lighting applications. Combined with its high impact strength and wide availability, this material is also an excellent material for 3D printing production - 3DPC will tell the user the right way to open.

About Covestro:

Covestro is one of the world's largest polymer producers with sales of 14.1 billion euros in 2017. Its business scope mainly focuses on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions for many areas of daily life. The main service areas cover the automotive, construction, wood processing and furniture, electrical and electronics industries. Other areas include the sports and leisure, cosmetics, medical and chemical industries themselves. As of the end of 2017, Covestro has 30 production sites in the world and about 16,200 employees (calculated on a full-time basis).

About Polymaker:

Polymaker is a company dedicated to developing new functional materials for the 3D printing industry. Polymaker won two major awards in 2017: "Materials of the Year" in the 3D printing industry and "Technical Innovation Awards - Materials" of TCT. This marks that Polymaker's brand has been increasingly recognized globally. Polymaker, headquartered in Shanghai, China, now has global offices in the United States, the Netherlands, and Japan. With its advanced R&D center, Polymaker pioneered the development of industrial-grade materials for a variety of industries.

About 3DPC:

3DPC is committed to becoming a stepping stone to promote the application of polycarbonate (PC) for 3D printing in all areas of the world. The platform is designed to provide relevant information about 3D printed polycarbonate, covering all processes to help you transform your ideas into practical applications. With the professional support of its partners Covestro and Polymaker, 3DPC provides comprehensive expertise and information including materials, software, post-processing and 3D printers to assist end-users to make better use of this extremely practical value. Carbonate material.