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Coca-Cola:100% Equal Amount Recovery And Reuse Of Beverage Packaging In 2030

Jan 29, 2018

The Coca Cola Company points out that the world is facing the crisis of packaging.

Therefore, by 2030, the Coca Cola Co will realize the 100% equal amount of recovery and reuse of the beverage package used by the company. This is part of what it calls "World Without Waste without waste".


The Coca Cola Co said it would support the packaging recovery work of the entire beverage industry, including the packaging of non Coca Cola Co.

"We are faced with the packaging crisis, and we have the responsibility to help solve it," chief executive James Quincey said in a statement.

The company says it is putting the marketing capital and technology into the 100% recycling target to help people understand what is recycling and how to recycle it. "We will support the packaging recovery work of the entire beverage industry, including the recovery of the beverage packaging produced by other companies."

The company also said it would invest in packaging to help achieve recovery goals.

"The company is developing better plastic bottles, whether by using more recycled materials, or developing plant based resins, or reducing the content of plastic in each plastic bottle."

The Coca Cola Co said it would cooperate with the Alan Macarthur foundation, the marine protection organization and the marine no garbage alliance and the World Wildlife Fund.

Greenpeace has reacted differently to the Coca Cola Co's statement.

Greenpeace praised the company's plan to increase its material recovery, but criticized the plan for its lack of specific emission reduction targets.

Over the years, the Coca Cola Co has devoted much effort to its "PlantBottle", a polyester plastic bottle made from renewable materials.