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CNC Milling Machine And Milling Machine Longmen What Is The Difference?

May 02, 2017

In the model: CNC milling machine used in Longmen to achieve a larger amount of milling products and processing; engraving and milling machine for small milling or light metal processing.

In the use of the system: CNC milling machine system in Longmen requires stable and reliable, easy to operate, easy maintenance; engraving and milling machine most of the use of independent industrial controller. Some of the domestic numerical control system of the wide number of Baoyuan emperor Kaine etc..

The shaft power and spindle speed: the shaft power of CNC milling machine, spindle power is larger, the spindle taper shank around 3040/50, can meet the milling and drilling tapping, the spindle speed is generally at 8000 rpm, the spindle reaches 20 thousand -6 million; milling machine with small power motor, spindle speed fast about 30 thousand rpm, tool diameter of about 10mm