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British Supermarket Chain: Promise To Say Goodbye To Plastic Packaging Within Five Years

Jan 19, 2018

According to British media reports on January 16, the British supermarket chain Iceland became the first major retailer in the country to commit to removing plastic packaging from its own-branded products within five years, helping to end plastic pollution.


The supermarket in Iceland says it will replace plastic with paper, pulp and paper bags, which can be recycled at domestic refuse collection facilities or in-store recycling facilities.

It is reported that the supermarket has its own brand of disposable products attached to the plastic pipette all removed, the early 2018 listing of new food cartons to replace food plastic tray.

Last week, British Prime Minister Teresa May promised to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years.

John Schwab, head of Greenpeace UK said: "Last month, the former head of several large retail groups in the United Kingdom issued a joint statement saying that there is only one solution to the problem of plastic pollution, that is, retailers use more Sustainable alternatives, such as recycled paper, steel, glass and aluminum, completely replace plastic. "

He said: "Now that Iceland has embraced this challenge and is boldly pledging it will no longer use plastics within five years, other retailers and food producers are now tackling the challenge."

Samantha Harding of the British Village Conservation Movement also said: "Iceland is firmly paving the way for removing plasticization' and other supermarkets should learn from it."

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