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Britain Will Implement A Deposit Refund Program To Combat Plastic Pollution

Apr 04, 2018

The British government announced a deposit refund plan for plastics and glass bottles to combat plastic pollution.

The DEFRA stated in its March 28 statement that the plan will be implemented later this year. British consumers consume about 13 billion beverage bottles each year, of which more than 3 billion are incinerated, buried, or discarded.


The plan will include all single-use beverage containers, whether plastic, glass or metal.

Suez Group announced the results of a nationwide survey conducted by YouGov. The survey showed that most consumers in the UK reacted positively to the plan.

The Suez Group stated: "With a deposit of 10 pence per person, nearly three-quarters of consumers in the UK (74%) will be able to return plastic bottles and aluminum cans in the Deposit Return Program (DRS)."

The poll conducted surveys of 2,000 adults across the United Kingdom. The results showed that 80% of people believe that there are not enough public garbage collection bins in public places.

Suez Group also put forward a series of "ideal" deposit refund plans. According to the plan, ideally, the program will only target PET bottles and aluminum cans of less than 0.7 liters.

In addition, Suez Group also suggested that the program should be implemented by manufacturers, but also created new revenue sources for local governments.

Also welcoming the move was the CPRE. The organization called the move a turning point in recycling in the UK, which will help increase recovery rates and combat littering in rural areas.

Samantha Harding, CPRE Waste Project Director, said: "The important thing is that manufacturers will now bear the full cost of their packaging, reduce the burden on taxpayers, and set a strong precedent for other polluting companies to bear the cost."