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Britain Announces Long-term Environmental Plan That Will Eliminate All Plastic Waste After 25 Years

Jan 18, 2018

According to a recent report by Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao, British Prime Minister Teresa May announced on the 11th a long-term environmental plan to eradicate all plastic waste 25 years later. In this regard, the British government will further reduce the use of plastic in supermarkets and invest funds to promote plastic innovation.

Theresa May said that every year, more than 1 million birds and more than 100,000 marine beings and sea turtles die from ingestion of plastic wastes and they are trapped in plastic. Of the fish caught in the British waters, 1 / 3 found in the body of plastic waste. "This is indeed one of the bigger environmental scourges," she said. "In the days ahead, I think people will be surprised to find out that today we allow the production of so much plastic that is useless."

She said the government will take steps in every aspect of plastic production and use to reduce the amount of plastic used and the recycling rate. Under the new measures, all retailers in the UK will charge plastic bags for customers' use at a rate of 5 pence each. At present, retailers with fewer than 250 employees do not have to charge plastic bags to customers. Plastic bag charging measures in 2015, the first year of plastic bags greatly reduced the use of 83%.


However, Teresa May's new environmental protection plan was attacked by opposition leaders and environmentalists, saying that the problem of plastic waste is serious and the government's new measures are not enough.

British Liberal Democrat leader Keppel said: "The United Kingdom should now eliminate all the plastic waste, set the goal of 2042 unbelievable."

Echis, a marine officer at Greenpeace UK in the UK, said the moves "are not comparable in scale to the environmental crisis we face." She criticized the government's lack of urgency and lack of detail in its package plan , Not enough intensity.

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