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Blasco Boosts The Development Of The Next Wave Of Renewable Chemicals And Polymers

Apr 25, 2018


Braskem is the largest thermoplastic manufacturer in the United States and a global leader in biopolymers. The company announced that it will focus on the research and development of renewable chemicals. These chemicals and materials will come from renewable raw materials.

With the future development strategy of renewable chemicals, the company started a new business in Boston.

It will focus on breakthroughs in the use of biotechnology and advanced materials. These activities include R&D in biotechnology and materials science, business and market development, and technological exploration of key strategic partnerships.

Braskem's Renewable Chemicals Business Leader: “Renewable chemistry will lead the next wave of chemicals and polymers. Our statement today reinforces Blasco’s position at the forefront of this movement. As we look to the future, we will bring new and innovative options to our customers by developing and leading the next wave of renewable chemicals and polymers."

In order to lead Boston's research and development, Dr. Daniel McGregor was appointed as the new head of metabolic engineering. Greenhill was also appointed as the Director of Applied Research and Development of a private biotechnology company focused on the sustainable production of chemicals.