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Black Technology! Adding This Into Plastic Can Keep Your Phone Away From Bacteria

Jan 15, 2018

Electronic products such as cell phones, computers, and tablets have become an integral part of everyday life. We can not leave it at all times. Today, we talk about those things about cell phones ...


In 2016, eMarketer released a study whose mobile device research report shows that users spend 4 hours and 5 minutes a day on their mobile devices. Conservative estimates, we use the phone more than 150 times a day! Moreover, this number is still growing.


We use cell phones every day, use it as an alarm in the morning and entertain at night, but many are unaware of the health of the phone. According to South Korea kormedi website reports, the latest research results show that the cell phone bacteria far more than people think, even 10 times more dirty than the toilet lid.


According to a survey conducted by the Deloitte Consulting Company in the United Kingdom, people watch an average of 47 mobile phones a day, during which time micro-organisms stick to the mobile phone. A survey of high school students' handsets found at Tartu University in Estonia found that the average number of bacterial genes on each handset was more than 17,000.


These bacteria are likely to be rubbed onto the face and other parts of your body when you call, causing acne, pneumonia, meningitis and other diseases. Among them, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli can even cause respiratory diseases and cause diarrhea. However, ordinary consumers have almost no awareness of mobile phones.



Now enter black technology time!

In our natural world, there are many substances that have good bactericidal or microbial inhibitory functions. They are called antibacterial agents. They are divided into inorganic antibacterial agents, natural antibacterial agents and synthetic antibacterial agents.


Of course, in cell phones, we have no way to add these live antibacterial substances directly. Today we will talk about the use of scientific and technological means to create antibacterial materials.


Principle: Adding a certain amount of antibacterial agent in the material can make the material have the ability of inhibiting or killing the surface bacteria.

At present, antibacterial materials on the market mainly include antibacterial plastics, antibacterial fibers and fabrics, antibacterial ceramics and antibacterial metal materials, among which the most widely used antibacterial plastics have been widely used in kitchen supplies, household appliances, medical and health fields Get a more extensive use.


However, the high proportion of plastic electronic products have not yet applied antibacterial plastic, which is why?

The original, mobile phones and other electronic products continue to pursue the light, in order to facilitate daily carrying. At the same time, mobile phones are also required to have high mechanical properties, especially in the case of falling, can not be destroyed. This is the impact of mobile phone material toughness put forward high requirements.


If you add antibacterial agents in plastic materials, often will cause the physical properties of the decline. The physical properties of plastic materials after the decline, it can not meet the stringent selection of electronic products requirements. Therefore, antimicrobial materials are difficult to apply in electronic products if they can not solve the problem of the decrease of physical properties caused by the addition of antibacterial agents.


Through the design of raw materials, the choice of antibacterial agents and the improvement of processing technology, antibacterial plastics applied to cell phones and computers have been developed. Including antibacterial flame retardant PC / ABS, anti-bacterial flame retardant PC, anti-bacterial flame retardant glass fiber reinforced PC.

At present, the flame-retardant PC is the application of more plastic materials on the market, then, how about the effect after we try to add anti-bacterial flame retardant PC.


Through the comparison test, we clearly see that antimicrobial flame retardant PC material not only meet the physical requirements of electronic products, but also excellent antibacterial properties.In addition, in order to further verify the antibacterial properties of the material, we conducted a comparative test of bacterial culture on these two materials.


Experimental Description: Escherichia coli species, in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (equivalent to ISO 22196) standards, set the control group.

For the convenience of seeing the antibacterial effect, the value of the logarithm (Log value). The control group lost the value of the experimental group is the antimicrobial effect, the final Log value as long as greater than 2 represents the antimicrobial effect of 99% (through antibacterial test).

Experimental results We can see that the antibacterial effect of the table reached 3.8, that is, about 99.99% of the antibacterial effect. And, it is worth mentioning that this material has a permanent anti-bacterial.

Conclusion: From the performance point of view, the new antimicrobial material can fully meet the mobile phone, iPad and other electronic products, material requirements, but also both permanent antimicrobial, and can be applied to children's mobile phones, children's computers. However, due to the high cost, the application is still limited. However, it is foreseeable that the cost will be gradually reduced through the continuous evolution of materials. Anti-bacterial mobile phones and anti-bacterial computers will eventually enter the daily life and provide protection for our health.

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