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Bimars (Europe) Company Enters Eastern Europe Market

May 04, 2018

Bemis, the global plastic packaging group, expanded its European footprint and recently acquired two flexible packaging operations operated by the Belgian Evadix Group in Romania.

Bimarsch (Europe) confirmed the purchase of the Evadix Labels SRL polyethylene film extruder, the packaging film line and the printer Evadix MPI SRL. Both companies are located in Piatra Niamz in northeastern Romania. At the end of last year, Bimar bought it for 3.3 million euros.


The two Romanian companies mainly provide beautifully decorated packaging for the European food and beverage market and can also be applied to other consumer goods.

In 2005, Evadix started operations in Romania. At the time, the company wanted to expand its offset printing business to Eastern Europe.

The acquisition was a major move by Bimar to enter Eastern Europe. In October last year, the company said: "This acquisition is small but strategic, and Bimar may be able to establish its first manufacturing operation in Eastern Europe."

Bimarsch (Europe) also has factories in Finland, the United Kingdom and Belgium. The group serves the food and pharmaceutical markets and employs 17,500 people worldwide.

With annual sales of approximately 3.3 billion euros, the Bimmers Group operates more than 60 factories in more than a dozen countries around the world.