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Belarusian Customer Order For Ring-stiffness Testing Machine Shipped Today

Nov 02, 2020

Recently, the northern part of China has been the late autumn season with deciduous leaves, and the weather has obviously turned cold.

But today we are in a warm mood, because the ring stiffness testing machine ordered by the Belarusian customer has been shipped successfully

This is an promised order by a Belarusian customer. In 2019, the customer and I carefully talked about the technical issues of the equipment and told me that we will place an order for you next year. At that time, I was a little uneasy, I was afraid it was the excuse of the customer, but thinking that the communication process between me and the customer was very meticulous and smooth, I did not ask the customer any more, I chose to believe it. Let's do what we should do, and let time do the rest.

In September of this year, the customer contacted me as scheduled, saying that he was about to place an order. Thank you very much for their trust.

After more than a month, the ring stiffness equipment was successfully completed. After the inspection of the quality inspection department, it fully meets the factory standards. So we packed and shipped it. I hope that customers will use the Ring Stiffness Testing machine as soon as possible to help their products control the quality.

Our ring stiffness testing machinesells very well in Eastern European countries. We have 20 years of production experience. Our company’s ring stiffness equipment has always had a good reputation in the industry.

We can do ring stiffness equipment with a maximum test outer diameter of 4 meters. We have superiority in terms of technology and software performance.

If you also just need ring stiffness equipment, please check the product information:https://www.chinatestequipments.com/tests-on-plastic-pipes-valves/plastic-pipes-ring-stiffness-tester/computer-controlled-plastic-pipes-a.html

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