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BASF Launches Ultrason® Polyarylsulfone Production Line In South Korea

Apr 13, 2018

BASF, a German chemical company, has launched a new high-temperature thermoplastic Ultrason® polyarylsulfone production line in Lishui, South Korea.

BASF said that this new production line will increase BASF's annual production of poly aryl sulfone by 6,000 tons and will devote itself to serving the fast-growing Asian market.


The company's current high-performance thermoplastics have a total capacity of 24,000 tons/year.

The Yeosu plant opened in 2014 and is BASF's first Ultrason factory in Asia. Ultrason is a trade name for the polyethersulfone (Ultrason E), Ultrason S, and Ultrason P product lines manufactured by BASF.

BASF produces Ultrason in Ludwigshafen, Germany and Lishui, South Korea.

Ultrason is widely used in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries for the production of heat-resistant, lightweight components.

Thermoplastics can withstand temperatures up to 220°C without changing performance and have excellent chemical stability.