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BASF Joins World Plastics Council To Promote Sustainable Development On A Global Scale

Feb 26, 2018

BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany, joins the world's plastics committee (WPC), a leading global plastics industry leader. WPC promotes the development of globally relevant industry issues such as the use of plastics, efficient waste management and solutions to marine litter.

Raimar Jahn, president of BASF's Performance Materials, explained that BASF has long been involved in initiatives to address global challenges and the entire value chain, such as Clean Action. "Our goal in implementing this international program is to prevent plastic particles from being discarded in the environment at will," said John. "Joining WPC is a way to further engage in creating a future world that offers a higher quality of life for everyone."

James Seward, WPC Chairman and Vice President LyondellBasell, welcomed BASF as a new member to help WPC deliver sustainable results for the plastics industry and society worldwide. According to WPC, the industry worldwide unifies its efforts on the part of the Global Plastics Association's statement on marine litter solutions to investigate and control marine litter around the world and now operates in 35 countries 70 plastics associations signed this agreement. The latest progress report lists 260 projects completed or in progress around the world.

In addition, BASF is a member of the American Chemistry Council and an associate member of the WPC dedicated to a more sustainable, cyclic and resource-efficient economy. WPC will not replace national plastics associations. Rather, it focuses on issues that require global or at least multisectoral solutions. For companies in all markets, such as BASF, these broad initiatives can be implemented in all regions to contribute to the recycling economy and the clean-up of the future environment.