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Axel Develops New Anti-static Injection Molding Process Additives

Apr 26, 2018

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, a manufacturer of proprietary molds and complementary additives, has developed a new process aid with antistatic properties.

MoldWiz INT-34KF is a 100% active additive that can be used directly in resins. According to reports, the additive can improve the flow filling of the lubricating resin without discoloration or reducing transparency. Polyethylene, polypropylene, including TPO, TPE, TPV, TPU, nylon, styrenics, engineering thermoplastics, and PET are recommended. Other advantages of MoldWiz INT-34KF include high temperature compatibility such as PA, PPA and other engineering resins.

The other additive, intas - 34kf, is a synergistic blend of modified polymer and organic ingredients that does not affect any bonding, printing, or plating. Axel says that intas - 34kf usually does not require an external mold release agent, thus reducing the cycle time, temperature and pressure of the molding machine while reducing or eliminating the weld seam. It is understood that INT-34-KF is free of silicones, stearates or waxes.