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Arburg Allrounder 1120 H Injection Molding Machine Wins Award

Mar 26, 2018

Arburg is the world's leading manufacturer of injection molding machines and received a design award for its large hybrid Allrounder 1120 H injection molding machine.

The award was presented by the IF International Forum Design in Hanover, Germany.


The smooth shape of the injection machine won the industry's product area.

The product's clamping force is 650 metric tons, which greatly expands Arburg's product range. According to D'Arburger, this machine also improves the ergonomics and functionality of the design, in addition to its beautiful, modern color scheme and appearance.

Juliana Hehl, managing partner of marketing at Arburg, said the company has been emphasizing good design for decades. She said that Arburg's first injection molding machine using wooden models in the 1950s was constantly improving.

In 1995, Arburg changed the color of the machine and now uses mint green and pale yellow.