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Application Of Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon Modified Plastics In Automotive Industry

Jan 18, 2018

Nylon is a kind of excellent engineering plastics with excellent mechanical properties, prominent corrosion resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, high modulus and other advantages. Its enhanced flame retardant modified, can significantly improve its heat resistance, modulus and dimensional stability and flame retardancy, nylon modified plastics are widely used in automotive, electrical, electric tools and other industries. Long glass fiber reinforced nylon is commonly used as a means of modification.


Long glass fiber reinforced plastic injection molding products maintain high length of glass fiber, glass fiber distribution is good, while glass fiber reinforced plastic as the backbone throughout the matrix resin, the product has high specific strength, high rigidity, high impact resistance, high dimensional stability , High temperature, low warpage, excellent creep resistance, thermal expansion coefficient comparable with the metal material. Long glass fiber reinforced nylon has the characteristics of alternative metals in many occasions, and therefore has a wide range of applications in the automotive field.

Long glass fiber reinforced nylon in the automotive applications

LFT plastics are available for the instrument panels, door assemblies, front-end components, body panel modules, roof panels, seatframes, handlebars, battery trays, tire racks, cooling fans and frames. Both are metal Features, but also reduce the weight of the car so that the car to achieve weight.

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