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American Plastics Completes Acquisition Of Two Companies Among Plastics Giants

Apr 26, 2018


American Plastics LLC is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of consumer storage and commercial cleaning products in St. Louis, Missouri, announcing that it has acquired Centrex Plastics Limited (Fundray, Ohio) and Creative Concept Plastics ( Sikemore, Ohio). U.S. Plastics is a combined company invested by Highview Capital LLC and Victory Park Capital Advisors.

U.S. Plastics Group stated that through this acquisition, it will become the only company in the US that has grown to a national scale in the plastics industry, with a solid blue chip retail and commercial customer base. After combining three industry-leading companies, the new US plastics company will also accelerate the growth of consumer storage business.

U.S. Plastics will operate 15 factories nationwide, including five manufacturing plants and 10 distribution centers. The two newly acquired companies bring in expanded manufacturing resources and industry-leading product development and technical capabilities, including 3D printing technology, internal engineering teams, and large-scale all-electric high-speed injection molding machines from 90 tons to 2,000 tons.

Robert Guerra will continue to serve as president and CEO of the merged company. Nick Reinhart, owner and president of Centrex and Creative, will be appointed as the chief innovation officer of American Plastics and retain the equity of the merged company. U.S. Plastics will use Centrex's existing businesses such as Centrex for a variety of product services for homes, lawns and gardens, garage and shop floor requirements, as well as Creative's home and garage storage capabilities and R&D resources. U.S. Plastics will continue to maintain the successful customer-facing brands of the two companies, including Centrex Commander and Creative's Shelves and Shelves West.

Guerra said: “This is a transformation deal for American Plastics, which brings together three industry leaders and is committed to providing high-quality products and customer service. Nick is a true innovator and he has established a A brand-new, technology-driven, high-level and in-depth partnership that leverages the strength of the Centrex and Creative brands already available, U.S. Plastics will have unique advantages that will accelerate our sales and create deeper partnerships with our customers. And to win more customers across the country. "

American Plastics manufactures its own branded products based on products from mainland commercial products such as Contico, Wilen and Fundamentals. There are injection molding and manufacturing facilities in Jefferson, Missouri, and Tiffin, Ohio, and distribution centers in Fontana, Canada and Toronto.

Reinhart commented: “We are very happy to partner with Plastics, Highview and Victory Park. After combining Centrex, Creative and American Plastics, we will create an experienced and energetic team while increasing our geographical footprint. Manufacturing footprints and capacity, and providing the funds needed to sustain accelerated growth.

  Advanced prototyping technology, state-of-the-art design and engineering teams, and advanced manufacturing facilities allow us to work with customers to create concepts that are personalized, high-quality products that take only a few days. We look forward to continuing to provide our retail customers with the highest quality products available to the U.S. Plastics family at the best price.