Universal Sample Milling Machine

Universal Sample Milling Machine
Product Details

Brief introduction:

This universal sample milling machine is mainly used for the non-metallic materials such as plastics, plexiglass, glass steel, etc. Notched samples for impact, Dumbbell-shaped sample for tensile test, Moment-type sample for compression and bending test, and various test standard samples.

Applicable standards:

GB/T1040, GB/T1043, GB/T1843, GB/T8004.2

Instrument features:

1. The main machine is fully automatic table structure, automatic sample preparation, high speed, high precision;

2. Reasonable design, stable and reliable performance, beautiful appearance and convenient operation;

3, the shape of the sample can be arbitrarily processed according to the shape of the template; automatic milling dumbbell, milling notch, milling curve, cutting and milling plane; at the same time in order to be able to process different types of materials, set the cooling cycle system.

4. The cutting part optimizes the product structure, the motor and the spindle, and the precision is greatly improved. It is no longer limited to the use of rough machining. The rectangular sample can be directly cut and formed without secondary processing.

Main technical parameters:

1.the maximum cutting width: 260mm

2. the maximum thickness of cut: 27mm

3. the maximum milling plane length: 240mm

4. cutting cutter specifications: 250 × 32 × 2mm

5. milling notch tool length: 50mm

6. processing dumbbell and plane with tool specifications: 30 × 12 × 30mm

7. the overall size of the machine: 1130 × 720 × 950mm

8. the main part of the spindle speed:

  Cut off part of the spindle speed: 1400r/min

  Motor power: 250W

  Milling notch cutter round trip speed: 60 times / min

  Motor power: 180W

  Milling dumbbell and plane part spindle speed: 2800r/min

  Milling dumbbell type motor power: 180W

  Dumbbell feed motor power: 60W

9. dumbbell type template: optional

10. notched impact sample types: A type, B type, C type