Plastic Pipes Cutting Chamfering Machine

XGQ-1000 plastic pipes cutting chamfering machine (plastic pipe cutting saw) can Horizontal cutting pipes for OD110 to 1000mm with smooth wall. And it can also cutting composite pipe with corresponding saw blade.
The pipe chamfering machine is characterized by a high degree of automation, to adapt to the large diameter range, can be cut with a metal composite layer of plastic pipe, but also has a very good protection. The chamfering machine Is the pipe fittings production enterprises and quality inspection units, scientific research institutes ideal pipe cutting equipment.

Product Details

Technical parameters:

Cutting pipe OD range: 110-1000mm

Pipe wall thickness range: within 80mm

Pipe end chamfer angle:15°

Power supply: 3 phase, 380V ,3Kw

Air source: 0.5-0.6Mpa (Interface is 8mm fast jack)


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