Manual Notch Sample-making Machine

This Manual Notch Sample-making machine is used to make the specimen for
Izod & charpy impact test for the non-metallic material.This Notch making machine is widely used to get notched specimen in laboratories of scientific research institutes, universities, non-metallic materials factory, etc. The main technical parameters conform to ISO179,ISO180 It is a simple structure, easy -operated, fast and accurate sample preparation device.

Product Details

Main technical parameters:

Cutter range: 24mm

Feed speed: Max speed 4mm/min

Test pieces types: type 1,type 2,type 3,type 4

Notch types: type A,type B,type C

Cutter parameters:  

Type A 45°±30' r=0.25±0.025mm

Type B 45°±30' r=1.0±0.025mm     

Type C Thickness1:2±0.1mm

Thickness2:0.8±0.1mm r≤0.1mm

Feed quantity: 0.1mm/travel

Feed travel: 10mm


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