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When plastic water bottles exit New paper bottles can be completely degraded in seawater in three weeks

May 04, 2018

Recently, innovators from Edinburgh, United Kingdom, have created a special water bottle that stays in the sea for only three weeks before it collapses.

This fully biodegradable water bottle is made of paper, in addition to a plant-based material. Such products, if used by a large number of people, are expected to help the earth's oceans from plastic pollution.


James Langcroft, who created a paper water bottle, was only 27 years old. He said: This kind of water bottle does not use any fossil fuel in the production process. It can be digested by marine organisms and neutralize acid soils in landfills.

Judging from the current global plastic production situation, by 2050, plastic production will exceed 500 million tons.


Under this general trend, Longcroft from Durham University plans to create a non-profit water bottle production company within two years.

He hopes to bring the benefits from this to charities in African countries, providing clean drinking water for the local people.

After taking into account the plastic bottle's environmental impact, Longcroft decided not to use any plastic in the product. He experimented in his own kitchen for several months and finally invented a special water bottle. It is made of paper and the inner lining has a waterproof layer.


The special material in the lining provides a sealing effect for the bottle.

When the bottle is thrown into a landfill or thrown into seawater, it is gradually decomposed from the outside to the inside.

According to reports, the outer layer of the bottle is recycled paper, and the inner waterproof layer provides structural support and keeps the water fresh, just like plastic.

The researchers were very excited about this bottle being made from natural and sustainable substances.

Whether a water bottle is thrown into the sea or a waste landfill, it will begin degrading within hours and completely decompose after a few weeks.

Although in theory, this bottle can be said to be disruptive in the industry, its cost is indeed higher than that of ordinary plastic bottles.

However, the founder is full of hope and is raising funds to start commercial production.

“The biggest obstacle we face is breaking the saturated market and competing with traditional companies. Transforming the industry is like a war, but with public support, we believe it will change people’s perception of water bottles.”

At present, plastic water bottles are undoubtedly one of the important sources of plastic waste in the ocean. Researchers have reported that about 8 million tons of plastic flows into the ocean each year. This is equivalent to one truck per minute.

Most plastic products are disposable products, but these materials will be strong in the natural environment for several centuries.

The founder of the new water bottle said: “We really hope that these water bottles will be put on the shelves as soon as possible, and they will be held in the hands of people as soon as possible. Even if this can only reduce the flow of a plastic bottle into the natural environment, we think it is worthwhile.”