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What are the characteristics of the milling machine

May 02, 2017

It has the advantages of good rigidity, high efficiency, easy operation, simple layout and comprehensive functions.

According to the characteristics of the different varieties, types and manufacturers are different, and the technology is very much. SK series of three axis CNC milling machine in Longmen, for example, is characterized by:

1 vertical milling head equipped with TX400 heavy Longmen milling head, double rectangular guide rail, rigid;

2 milling head with ball screw, pneumatic broach equipment, servo motor drive;

The 3 side milling head is equipped with V5 type milling head of Longmen type, which is equipped with independent lubrication equipment;

4 universal milling / CNC milling machine a key transformation of the three axis CNC system, can be programmed to operate and expand the use of manual operation panel, in the course of the completion of the mechanical processing of strong;

5 bed advance and retreat, beam up and down, vertical milling head with the top and bottom are equipped with Taiwan ball screw, driven by servo motor;

6 with the United States Martin timing belt, synchronous wheel;

7 handheld electronic hand wheel unit, convenient for three axis tool;

8 common crossbeam lifting safety interlocking device, ensure the machine tool repeat positioning accuracy;

The 9 station group series cycloid pump lubrication, low failure rate.