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The structure and characteristics of drilling and milling machine

May 02, 2017

1, the base, body, table, the main components of the sliding seat are made of high strength materials, and artificial aging, to ensure long-term stability of the milling machine.

2, drilling and milling machine equipment turret milling head, and the spindle is equipped with 2 manual and manual feeding style, convenient processing, precision milling head can be adjusted; 45 degrees in the vertical plane, 360 degree rotation in the horizontal plane, expanding the processing scale.

3, table vertical, horizontal manual feed, flexible and flexible fast forward three, feed speed motor can obtain 8 different types of feed, can meet the different requirements of processing; rapid feed can make the workpiece quickly reach the machining position, reduce non production time.

4, the lifting platform Z can be achieved through the process of manual and motorized two ways to achieve, and manual and electric interlock, eliminating unsafe factors.

5, the workbench X to travel up to 800mm, and X, Y, Z three the purpose of the guide rail by super audio quenching, precision grinding and scraping treatment, improve accuracy, prolong the life of the milling.

6, manual lubrication assembly can be vertical, level, screw and guide rail vertical to the forced lubrication, wear cut milling, milling machine to ensure the efficient operation; at the same time, through the process of changing the cooling fluid cooling system to adjust the nozzle size.