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The contribution of the chlorophyll meter to the healthy growth of crops

Feb 16, 2019

Chlorophyll is a plant photosynthesis substance and is one of the symbols that mark the health of plants. In order to ensure the healthy growth of plants, it is necessary to accurately understand the chlorophyll content of plants in order to better ensure that plants have good growth posture. Plant chlorophyll can be detected by the chlorophyll tester and the results are more accurate.

The results of chlorophyll test showed that the chlorophyll content of leaves in different growth stages was different, and the chlorophyll content of leaves in different leaves was different in the same growth period. The difference between the first complete leaf under the heart leaf and the second, the third and the fourth complete blade is very significant, while the difference between the second, third and fourth intact leaves is not Significant. The second complete leaf has the smallest coefficient of variation, and the first complete leaf has the largest coefficient of variation. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the second fully expanded leaf as a sample before the vegetable shaving period to the heading stage. The results of determining the flag leaf and the second leaf (the first leaf under the flag leaf) at the heading stage indicate that the difference is also significant. The coefficient of variation of the flag leaf is smaller than the coefficient of variation of the second leaf. Therefore, it is more suitable to use the flag leaf in the title stage. .

Chlorophyll content was positively correlated with leaf color. The correlation coefficient between the top second intact leaf and the p-color of the single plant is the largest, and the correlation coefficient between the first intact leaf and the plant population is the largest. Therefore, in each stage of growth of rice, the first leaf can also be selected as a measurement sample according to the needs of the research. At this time, it is necessary to enlarge the number of samples of the sample to reduce the measurement error.

In the process of crop planting, the growth of the crop must be well understood, which can be easily analyzed from the health of the leaves. The leaf color of the leaves is mainly affected by chlorophyll. The chlorophyll meter allows detailed inspection of the leaves and gives accurate results for better crop cultivation.


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