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Test items for PVC pipes

Dec 21, 2017

For PVC drain pipes

According to relative standard(ISO4435), Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U)pipes and fittings

For buried drainage and sewerage systems need taking the following test:

E.X. factory test:

1.Longitudinal reversion (Ventilated oven)

2.falling mass impact test(Falling mass impact testing machine+Low temperature thermostat)

3.Methylene chloride soak test (Methylene chloride soak tester)

Formal test:

1. Ring-stiffness test (universal testing machine)

2. Density (Density tester)

3. Vicat softening point test ((HDT&vicat softening point testing machine)

4.Connection seal performance test (Hydrostatic pressure testing machine)


For PVC pressure pipes


According to the standard of

ISO4422 :Pipes and fittings made of unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) for water supply

UPVC pipe for water supply need the following test


  E.X. Factory test items:

1. Longitudinal reversion (ventilated oven)

2. Falling mass Impact test ( Plastic pipes falling mass impact testing machine)

3. Low temperature thermostat (For freezing the sample, then take the falling mass impact test)

4. Hydrostatic pressure test( Plastic pipes hydrostatic pressure testing machine)


Formal test items:

5. Vicat softening temperature (Vicat&HDT softening temperature testing instrument)

6. Methylene chloride soak (methylene chloride soak tester)

7. Falling mass Impact test ( Plastic pipes falling mass impact testing machine)

8. Density test (tensity tester)