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Some important test for plastic--part 1

Jul 25, 2017

1.Ash test  

necessary Test equipment: Muffle furnace/ ash content tester

Ash: At high temperatures, the polymer undergoes a series of physical and chemical changes. Finally, the organic components evaporate and the inorganic components (mainly inorganic salts and oxides) remain, and these residues are called ash. Generally modified products inside, ash is silica, calcium carbonate, talc, glass, titanium dioxide and some other inorganic minerals.

Test method: Calcination method (combustion of organic matter and treatment of its residue at high temperature until constant weight), in the muffle furnace, 600 ℃ for 10min combustion, weighing its residue.

Ash is expressed as a percentage by mass: (M1-M0) x 100 / M

M = weight of the pattern, 

M1=the weight of ash and the weight of the cup, 

M0=the weight of the cup

Objective: To determine the content of inorganic substances in plastics, as a basis for judging the true and false materials and a basis for judging the performance of materials, such as: in the glass fiber reinforced plastic, high ash content will  increased the plastic rigidity, heat resistance ,but toughness Reduced, on the contrary, increased toughness, rigid heat resistance decreased

2.Moisture test

necessary Test equipment:Moisture tester/Moisture meter/Moisture Analyzer

Moisture: Water contained inside the object.

Test principle: infrared rapid moisture determination and rapid determination of halogen moisture.

Infrared moisture test principle: infrared heating weight loss is the use of infrared heating objects thermal effect and strong penetrating ability, the measured object of water quickly evaporate and lose weight, through the initial mass of objects and objects after evaporation of water quality data, The amount of water at a particular temperature.

Halogen Rapid Moisture Test Principle: Moisture Analyzer in the measurement of the weight of the sample at the same time, the instrument using circular tube halogen heating method, rapid drying of the sample, in the drying process, the moisture meter continuously measured and immediately show the sample moisture content loss, drying process is completed, the final determination of moisture The content value is locked.


Purpose of the test: Moisture content is an important factor affecting the processing of products such as polyamide (PA) and polycarbonate (PC), product appearance and product characteristics. In the injection molding process, if the use of too much moisture content of plastic particles for production, will produce some processing problems, and ultimately affect the quality of finished products, such as: surface cracking, reflective, and impact resistance and tensile strength and other mechanical properties