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Sit-type snowboard made from graphene reinforced epoxy resin prepreg

Apr 25, 2018

The National Composite Center and the HVM Catapult team visited the ski resort in Chamonix.


This sit-up ski is based on the SHD Composites MTC9800 graphene-enhanced product, using the latest British R&D technology to make skiing faster, lighter, and more critical to maximize performance. The MTC9800 is a graphene-enhanced honeycomb bonded epoxy system designed to produce durable, cost-effective components with excellent surface finish and enhanced resin toughness. It can be supplied in various fabrics and UD formats to meet your cost and manufacturing requirements.

The skateboarding project was run as a technology demonstrator for High Value Manufacturing Catapult, where components were manufactured by AMRC, MTC and NCC. The project uses the latest research and development technology in the UK, which makes skiing faster, lighter, and more critical to maximize performance.

“This new type of graphene prepreg is a high-value manufacturing catapult that provides the best performance characteristics for high-tech sports” Garry Scott - NCC

SHD Composites has been working with Applied Graphene Materials to develop a material that will benefit designers and end users. The graphene enhancement product MTC 9800 produces improvements in the weight reduction program. Under cyclic loading, the results show a significant increase in performance. It is envisaged that this material will prove to be beneficial to the automotive, aerospace, leisure products and renewable energy markets.

The main advantages include enhanced fracture toughness, interlaminar strength and fatigue properties.

Technology experts from the seven high value manufacturing (HVM) Catapult Centers use their technical capabilities to demonstrate how to apply current and emerging manufacturing technologies in areas such as sensors, composites, 3D printing and virtual reality design technologies to succeed in a new - Perhaps it is unexpected - application.

Collaborating with Anna Terni - Dual Paralympic ski athletes Sean Rose - Double Paralympic Games and Double X Games athletes and teams from HVM Catapult show that collective ability can improve the performance of niches, which come for HVM catapults It is new. . This video shows the highlights of the new slide technology application and shows how to test the new prototype on the slope.