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Significance of chlorophyll meter for measuring nitrogen content in plants

Oct 23, 2018

The chlorophyll content meter measures plant chlorophyll content and indirectly derives plant nitrogen content. So what is the use of measuring plant nitrogen content? Nitrogen plays a vital role in the growth of plants. The synthesis of various nutrients in plants is inseparable from nitrogen. If the plant nitrogen supply is insufficient, it is easy to cause the plant to be short, the leaves are yellow and withered, and the plant growth is reduced. Plant nitrogen content is not enough, and more will cause plants to reduce production.

At present, in the process of agricultural production, in order to increase crop yield, there is a blind misappropriation of chemical fertilizers in crop production, especially nitrogen fertilizer, which causes serious imbalance of nutrient ratio, resulting in lack of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium, forcing crop yields to decline. The quality deteriorates, and the wasted nitrogen fertilizer enters the natural environment and pollutes the soil and water resources. Therefore, it is urgent to find suitable nitrogen levels for crops through the chlorophyll analyzer.

Chlorophyll fluorescence parameters can quickly and accurately reflect the photosynthetic characteristics of crops. Chlorophyll fluorescence technology is an ideal method for non-destructive determination of nutrient elements on plant photosynthesis. It has been widely used in the diagnosis of plant nutrients and the effects of external factors on plants. The effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on the chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of Haematococcus were studied by chlorophyll content analyzer. The changes of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of oil tea with phosphorus concentration were discussed. Lettuce is rich in vitamins, proteins, etc., which are common crops. However, the relationship between chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and nitrogen stress in lettuce leaves is relatively rare.

So, the researchers used chlorophyll content meter to measure the chlorophyll content of lettuce leaves under different nitrogen environments, and analyzed the changes of chlorophyll content in lettuce under different nitrogen environments, and indirectly changed the nitrogen content of lettuce, which provided for the use of lettuce nitrogen fertilizer. Reasonable basis.

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