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Ring stiffness testing machine operation steps

Nov 14, 2018

Ring stiffness testing machine is a relatively common testing machine, which is widely used in the determination of the stiffness of thermoplastic pipe and glass steel pipe ring with circular cross section, meeting the requirements of PE double-arm corrugated pipe, winding pipe and various pipe standards. It can complete the test of pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flatness, and weld seam stretching. The specific steps are as follows:

    Step 1: Place the state-adjusted sample between the two press plates of the test machine. If it is determined that the ring stiffness of the sample at a certain position is the smallest, the position of the sample a is contacted with the upper plate of the press, or the first one is When the sample is placed, the placement positions of the other two samples b and c are sequentially rotated by 120° and 240° corresponding to the first sample.

    Step 2: For each sample, place the deformation gauge and check the angular position of the specimen. Place the specimen so that its long axis is parallel to the platen and then placed in the center of the test machine. The upper platen and the sample are brought into contact with each other and the sample can be clamped, and the sample is compressed at a constant speed according to Table 30 until at least 0.03 d. The force value and the deformation amount are correctly recorded according to the regulations. When it is necessary to determine the loop compliance, continue to compress until the deformation required for loop compliance is reached.

    Step 3: The amount of deformation is obtained by directly measuring the change in the inner diameter of the sample.


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