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Precautions for water pressure test of high-rise building plastic water supply pipeline

Nov 13, 2018

The problem of water supply and drainage pipes is a major problem after installation of water supply and drainage. Drip, seepage and leakage of water supply and drainage pipes during installation of water pipes have become a common problem in construction and installation enterprises. In order to extend the life of the water supply and drainage pipeline, a water pressure test must be carried out on the plastic water supply pipeline. For the hydrostatic pressure test for the plastic pipes, please pay attention to the following five precautions.


 (1) The test pressure value refers to the pressure at the lowest point of the end of the pipe. However, if the pressure at the highest point of the pressure exceeds 1.0 MPa, the pipeline should be subjected to a section pressure test.

(2) For pipes with bonding, the hydraulic test must be carried out 24 hours after the bonding installation, to prevent the curing time from being insufficient.

(3) Slowly inject water into the pressure test pipe section, and at the same time discharge the air inside the pipe, and gradually block the water distribution points. (4) For flexible pipes such as PE-X pipes, excessively high pressure will cause slight expansion, resulting in errors in the water pressure test. Therefore, the pressurization should be slowly boosted by the hand pressure pump, the boosting time should not be less than 10 min, and the voltage is regulated for 1 h, so as to eliminate the interference of the pipe expansion on the test pressure result.

(5) After the voltage is stable for 1h, the pressure is increased to the specified pressure test value, and the pressure drop within 15 minutes is not more than 0.05MPa.

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