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Precautions and maintenance for plastic pipes hydrostatic pressure testing machine

Feb 20, 2019

Precautions and maintenance  for plastic pipes hydrostatic pressure testing machine

1. The main unit and medium thermostat must be reliably grounded;

2. The safety valves in the mainframes of this machine have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and should not be changed arbitrarily. If there is overpressure in a certain constant pressure during the test, it will not fall back, or the pressure will not be replenished after pressure relief. In the above, the supplier should be consulted for appropriate adjustment;

2. Before the test, before the test, the main pressure regulating valve and the blasting hand valve should be opened, the main pressure relief valve should be closed, and then the operation procedure should be operated.

3. Fill the high-pressure pump water tank with softened water, and add softened water at any time according to the situation. When using for the first time or after a long time of use, first open the pressure regulating valve and pressure relief valve of the main road to make the pressure The pump works for a few minutes to vent the air inside the tube and then operate according to the operating procedure.

4. If the pressure of the display screen, the pressure gauge of the electric contact, and the test pressure value of each branch show frequent changes, there may be leakage. In time, check whether the corresponding branch road, the pressure relief valve of the main road is closed, or check the sample clamping. Whether to install tight and the connection status of each high pressure pipe;

5, the output of the high-pressure hose can not be used to directly lift the sample to avoid damage;

6. The heater in the medium incubator should be measured regularly, and the water level in the medium incubator should be checked to meet the specified requirements before each use;

7. When doing long-term hydrostatic test, check whether the whole system works normally every morning or after work, such as: test temperature, test pressure (main road, branch), test time, circulating pump, etc.

8. The lower limit setting of the electric contact pressure gauge should be higher than the test pressure value of each branch.

9. Special attention: The refrigerator can only cool the water below 40 °C, otherwise the refrigerator will alarm and reduce the service life of the refrigerator.

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