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Portable chlorophyll meter for chlorophyll experiments

Oct 26, 2018

For plants, the role of chlorophyll is irreplaceable. Once the plant's chlorophyll content is too low, it will cause the plant photosynthetic efficiency to decrease, and will not provide the various nutrients needed for plant growth. Therefore, people use the portable chlorophyll meter to determine the chlorophyll content of plants and analyze the growth of plants. Let us understand the measurement principle and detailed effects of the chlorophyll analyzer.

The portable chlorophyll analyzer determines the relative amount of chlorophyll in the leaf by measuring the light transmission coefficient of the blade in two wavelength ranges, that is, in the two wavelength regions where chlorophyll is selected to absorb light of a specific wavelength, and the measurement is calculated according to the amount of transmitted light of the blade. value. This method has become a spectrophotometric method by researchers and is the main method of chlorophyll measurement.

The portable chlorophyll meter can measure the relative content of chlorophyll in plants in real time. The chlorophyll content in plant leaves indicates the condition of the plant itself. The leaves of plants with good growth will contain more chlorophyll, the content of chlorophyll and the content of nitrogen in leaves are very high. Close relationship, so the chlorophyll measurement can also indicate the true nitro demand of the plant, so that the nitrogen fertilizer can be applied reasonably, the nitrogen utilization rate can be improved, and the environment can be protected.

Compared with other chlorophyll measuring instruments, the portable chlorophyll meter has fast measurement speed and simple operation. It does not need to damage the leaves during measurement, and detects the change of chlorophyll content in the whole plant growth process in real time, and scientifically analyzes the chlorophyll changes of plants. Therefore, researchers are recommended to use in experiments related to chlorophyll.

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