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Plastics pollute the global ocean Plastics and plankton ratio 1:2

Mar 13, 2018

In February this year, people found a dead whale on Norwegian beaches. It does not have any food in its stomach, instead it is stuffed with more than 30 plastic bags.

In addition, the researchers had collected a group of marine animals that lived on the seabed of 2,000 meters in depth around the western part of Rookel and found that 48% of the animals contained plastic particles. The ratio of plastic to plankton in the ocean is now 1:2. If no restrictions are imposed, the weight of plastic will exceed that of fish in 2050.

Of particular note is that in Europe, Britain uses 7.7 billion plastic bottles each year; about 8 million tons of plastic are poured into the sea each year. The Queen of England officially launched the Plastics War. She stated that "the use of plastic straws and plastic bottles is forbidden on all royal sites."

The father of the "World Natural Documentary" who declared war on plastics, and the 91-year-old David Attenborough. He devoted his life to the BBC Natural Documentary Film. But the deeper he loves nature, the more environmental pollution he causes. He said, "When recording "Blue Planet," no matter how biased the ocean we go to, photographers can always see plastic." Driven by the Queen, the United Kingdom has started a forbearing movement from top to bottom. The major bars and nightclubs indicated that plastic straws would be replaced by paper straws. At the same time, after Taiwan banned disposable tableware, it also announced that large-scale catering companies will ban one-time straws in 2019, and that they will be completely forbidden by 2030.