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Performance comparison of three chlorophyll meters

Oct 26, 2018

Performance comparison of three chlorophyll meters

Plant nitrogen and chlorophyll content are important nutrient and physiological parameters of plant growth, and are the most important parameters reflecting plant vital signs. It is also an important basis for plant fertilization and irrigation. The chlorophyll analyzer now has a variety of methods for measuring chlorophyll content. It can be operated using professional measuring instruments. There are three such instruments in our company: chlorophyll detector, plant nutrition diagnostic instrument, chlorophyll content analyzer (again Called SPAD502 chlorophyll meter, these three models have some differences in function.

The appearance and measurement methods of the chlorophyll detector are very similar to those of the chlorophyll content analyzer, but the SPAD502 chlorophyll meter is more functional than the chlorophyll detector, and the chlorophyll content meter is in the process of measuring the environment. There are certain restrictions and requirements. When the limit is exceeded, the instrument will warn and give an appropriate sound to remind you that the stored book data will reach the specified range and the instrument will give appropriate warnings. This function is not available on the chlorophyll detector. At the same time, this instrument does not have the function of waterproofing. When cleaning the instrument, do not use water for cleaning.

The plant nutrition diagnostic instrument has increased the measured parameters. It can measure the nitrogen, chlorophyll and water content of plants, and can monitor the whole process of nitrogen, and also increase the storage of data. The storage data can only be 30 groups, and the plant nutrition diagnostic instrument can store 999 sets of data. The increase of the measurement item of this instrument also leads to the difference in its function. It can also guide the correct application of nitrogen fertilizer. Do precise irrigation.