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New breakthrough! Carbon fiber drive shafts add new applications

Apr 25, 2018

Recently, the “carbon fiber flexible vertical driveshaft” developed by CSIEC was replaced by imported products. It was first applied to the large-scale tugboat electric propulsion vertical drive thrust system, and further consolidated 711 marine composite transmission products in China. leading position.

After a large-scale tugboat side thruster system suddenly and irreversibly damages, the supply and maintenance period of the original supplier's foreign supplier's all-metal shafting system is 14-16 weeks. Upon receipt of help from the shipowners, the 714 quickly formed a professional team, rushed to the scene to investigate and demonstrate, and worked out a solution overnight. After careful deployment, the delivery of the new “carbon fiber flexible vertical drive shaft” product was completed within 3 weeks, and the trial was successful at one time, minimizing the loss of the shipowner and being highly praised by shipowners.

The new “carbon fiber flexible vertical driveshaft” has a total length of 1.8m and a rated torque of 10kNm. It is composed of a carbon fiber drive shaft and a metal diaphragm coupling, achieving the perfect combination of new carbon fiber shaft technology and traditional diaphragm coupling technology.

The successful completion of this project has not only refreshed the research and development and delivery speed of new composite drive shaft products, but also once again reflected the comprehensive strength of Shipyard's ship composite materials transmission field.