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Modified nylon spray paint solution, nylon surface treatment agent

Apr 13, 2018

Modified nylon material in the plastic industry due to different applications and different surface treatment needs, so the paint process has become an important surface treatment method, one can improve the overall appearance of the modified nylon material appearance, and in order to adapt to color and Need for the environment and use experience. The use of nylon surface treatment agent effectively solves the difficult problem of difficult adhesion of the modified nylon paint spray paint film.

The application of nylon surface coating from hand spray to automated coating line body makes the painting process and process more simple and convenient, but in the surface painting process of nylon, polypropylene and other materials, there will still be no adhesion of the paint film. Solid, after the painting process is completed, the problem of paint falling off, why the nylon and modified nylon surface paint paint paint it? After a comprehensive analysis of the paint is mainly due to the lack of adhesion between the modified nylon material and the paint film, both Poor compatibility and insufficient binding force make it difficult to form a strong coating.

Therefore, solving the problem of removing paint from the modified nylon paint and improving the adhesion of the paint film is to enhance the adhesion between the substrate and the paint. Usually mechanical polishing treatment, solvent cleaning, plasma (corona) treatment, flame treatment, etc. can be improved, in which corona and flame are more common, but comprehensive contrast corona treatment is limited by the material and the efficiency is low. The effective time is short. Flame treatment is still not good for modified nylon products with more complex shapes.

The application of Nylon nylon surface treatment agent in nylon surface treatment makes the above problems solved, simple and stable. Whether it is hand spray or automatic line spraying, it is only necessary to spray Nylon Adhesion Promoter between the nylon substrate and the paint to increase the dyne value by increasing the effective binding of polar groups and disrupting intermolecular forces. The improvement of nylon surface molecules and the improvement of interlayer adhesion can effectively solve the problems of modified nylon and its other nylon materials.