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Introduction to the melt flow index tester host structure

Nov 13, 2018

The melt flow index tester is an instrument used to characterize the flow properties of various polymers in a viscous state.


 The melt flow indexer consists of seven parts: main unit, temperature measuring system, temperature control system, sampling control system, automatic measuring system, automatic printing system and load lifting device.

 1. The main machine is the center of the melt indexer, also called the extrusion system. It is composed of the furnace body, the barrel, the piston, the die, the weight and other components.

 2. The furnace body is made of brass, the outer layer is equipped with an electric heater, and the thermistor temperature sensing element is installed inside. The barrel is fitted with a barrel.

3. The barrel is one of the key components of the instrument, and its processing accuracy and quality of use and maintenance directly affect the test results. To this end, the piece should be protected during use to prevent the scratch or scratching of the inner hole from damaging the finish.

4. The piston is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel material with a rod length of 210 mm, a diameter of 0.02, and a piston weight of 106 g. This weight plus the weight of the weight is equal to the actual load weight. The upper end of the piston rod is engraved with two moments separated by 30 mm. The wire loop is the starting and ending line of the sample cutting.

5. The die is made of tungsten carbide material and has a clearance fit with the barrel. The outer diameter is 9.55-(0.03-0.06), and the inner diameter is 2.095  0.005mm and 1.18  0.01mm. The height is 0.025. Mm, the inner diameter of the die directly affects the test accuracy. To this end, the inner diameter of the die is often checked with a special plug gauge.

6. Load (weight)

 The melt indexer load is the sum of the weight and the weight of the piston with an accuracy of 0.5. The technical conditions of the instrument are stipulated with nine kinds of weights. When using, the selected weights are placed on the weight tray. Under the control of the lifting device, the weights are lifted and lowered with the tray. The weight has a basic weight that matches the piston rod to create a pressure on the material.

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