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Injection molding machine noise source and elimination method

Mar 13, 2018


First, the causes of vibration pump noise and troubleshooting

the reason:

1, pump motor installation of different hearts.

2, loose coupling.

3, internal pump failure.

4. If the oil level is too low, suck air into the oil from the oil filter or joint connection.

5. Intake air from the motor shaft.

6, oil plug filter network.

7. The return pipe is loose. Inhale air or oil pipe on the oil surface. Mix air into the oil.

Troubleshooting method:

1. Concentricity should be adjusted within 0.1mm.

2. Correct the coupling.

3, repair or replace the oil pump.

4, increase the oil in the oil filter and joint position 400mm or more.

5. Replace the rotating shaft seal.

6. Clean the oil filter net and filter the oil.

7. Clean the oil filter net and filter the oil.

8. Close the oil return line and extend the return line to the underside of the oil level.

Second, the causes of motor noise and troubleshooting

the reason:

1, motor bearing damage.

2, motor coil winding failure.

3, motor wiring error, the system pressure increases, the noise increases.

Troubleshooting method:

1, replace the bearing.

2. Replace or repair the motor.

3, re-reference wiring diagram wiring.

Third, the total pressure valve noise (overflow valve) causes and troubleshooting

the reason:

1. Air exists in the front chamber of the pilot valve of the relief valve.

2. The main orifice of the relief valve is blocked by oil dirt.

3, the pilot valve and the valve seat do not cooperate with the joint.

4, spring deformation or wrong.

5, remote oil flow is too large.

6, hydraulic oil viscosity is too low or too high.

7. Resonate with components in the loop.

Troubleshooting method:

1, to strengthen the seal, anti-elevation commissioning pressure exhaust several times.

2. Clean the valve body so that the orifice is smooth.

3, repair or replacement.

4, maintenance and replacement of springs.

5, reduce the flow of remote control.

6, replace the oil.

7. The pressure setting of other components cannot be similar to the relief valve pressure setting value.