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How to distinguish the pros and cons of the universal tensile testing machine

Nov 20, 2018

The tensile testing machine is a very versatile testing equipment. It is suitable for testing various physical and mechanical properties of plastic sheets, pipes, profiles, plastic films and rubber, wire and cable. It is an indispensable testing equipment for material development, physical property testing, teaching research, and quality control.

The tension machine fixture is an important part of the instrument. Different materials require different fixtures, which is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the test and the accuracy of the test results.

1. Software and hardware: The high-quality tensile testing machine adopts brand computer, and the control system software is Windows7 and windows 10 operating system platform. It has the characteristics of fast running speed, gentle interface and simple operation, which can meet the test and measurement needs of different materials, according to national standards. International or industry standards measure the physical properties of various materials.

2. Ball screw: The currently used screw of the tensile testing machine has a ball screw and a lead screw. In general, the trapezoidal screw has a large gap, a large friction force and a short service life. At present, there will be some manufacturers on the market. In order to save more cost, a trapezoidal screw will be used instead of a ball screw.

3. Motor: The high-quality tensile testing machine motor adopts AC servo speed control system and Panasonic AC servo motor. The performance is stable and reliable. The transformer test has protection devices such as overcurrent, overvoltage and overload. At present, there is also an electronic universal testing machine on the market that uses ordinary three-phase motor or variable frequency motor. This kind of motor adopts analog signal control, the control reaction is slow, the positioning is not accurate, and the general speed regulation range is narrow, and there is no low speed or low speed. There is no high speed and the speed control is not accurate.

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