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How to deal with the vibration phenomenon of the vertical milling machine processing?

May 02, 2017

The vibration of the vertical milling machine will not only affect the dynamic accuracy of the vertical milling machine and the quality of the machined parts, but also reduce the production efficiency and the durability of the cutter. Even when the vibration is severe, it will reduce the performance of the vertical milling machine, not only that, the noise generated by the vibration may stimulate the operator, causing fatigue, leading to decreased efficiency.

Therefore, we must pay enough attention to the vibration problem of the vertical milling machine. Shandong Hanwei CNC milling machine manufacturers, vertical milling machine vibration is mainly related with the cutting process, it including the cutter cutting and cutting area of discontinuous changes caused by the forced vibration, and inspired by the change of cutting force due to the shock from the earthquake, angle, vertical type milling machine is working in hard conditions and this is because: 1, the cutting force variation. 2, the removal of thin and wide chip, especially with cylindrical milling cutter. 3, in the use of the most common lifting platform milling machine, the table must be in accordance with the direction of the three perpendicular to each other, so as to affect the stiffness of the milling machine.

Therefore, once the vertical milling machine vibration, if there is no treatment will be the spindle radial runout, abnormal sound, which will affect the accuracy of product processing. First of all, check the vertical milling machine spindle is loose, remove the accessories next to the spindle box, using tools from the nuts of the slot pry open, and then adjust the spindle bearings on the nut, adjust to the appropriate tightness can be. Secondly, the emergence of the whole machine jitter phenomenon, check the vertical milling machine is parallel to the main motor, the motor flange is not solid loose, slide on the column is clamped. In addition, the vertical milling machine screws, nuts to adjust the firm.