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Five major applications of PBT materials

Feb 05, 2018

PBT is one of the latest and fastest-growing varieties of engineering plastics in plastics industry. With its excellent overall performance, good moldability and cost performance, excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength, fatigue resistance and dimensional stability, Change is small. These properties are rarely changed under high temperature conditions, is ideal for automotive, electronics and other fields, and today we understand the application of PBT materials.

First, the history of development

1942 German scientists P.Schlack developed into PBT resin, after the United States Celanese Corporation (now Ticona) for industrial development, listed under the Celanex trade name

1970 30% glass fiber reinforced plastic on the market, trade name X-917, later changed to CELANEX

1971 Eastman company has introduced glass fiber reinforced 琏 and non-enhanced products, trade names Tenite (PTMT)

1971 GE company also developed similar products, there is no enhancement, enhancement and self-extinguishing of the three varieties.

Then the world-renowned manufacturers Germany BASF, Bayer, the United States GE, Ticona, Japan Toray, Mitsubishi Chemical, Taiwan Shin Kong Fibers, Changchun, South Asia Plastics and other companies have put into the ranks of production.

Second, the performance

1. Advantages:

Excellent mechanical properties, especially high rigidity and hardness

Good heat resistance, heat distortion temperature up to 180 ℃

Good surface gloss performance, especially for spray-free electrical and electronic products

Faster crystallization speed, good fluidity, good moldability

Good thermal stability, in particular, has a lower rate of thermal expansion and size shrinkage

Good resistance to chemicals, solvents, weathering

High dielectric strength, good electrical properties

Low hygroscopicity, minimal impact on electrical and dimensional stability

2. Disadvantages:

The molecules contain ester bonds, which decompose under the action of strong acids, bases and water vapor

Material is more sensitive to the gap, there is a brittle phenomenon

Third, modified

1. Enhance the modification

In the PBT add glass fiber, glass fiber and PBT resin bonding strength, PBT resin in a certain amount of glass fiber, not only can maintain PBT resin chemical resistance, workability and other original advantages, but also have a greater Improve its mechanical properties, and overcome the PBT resin gap sensitivity.

2. Flame retardant modification

PBT is a crystalline aromatic polyester, if not added flame retardant, the flame retardant are UL94HB grade, only by adding flame retardants, in order to achieve UL94V0 level.

Commonly used flame retardants are bromides, Sb2O3, phosphides and chlorides and other halogen flame retardants, the most is decabromodiphenyl ether, has been a major PBT flame retardants, but because of environmental reasons, European countries very early It is banned and all parties are looking for alternatives but have never had more performance advantages than alternatives to decabromodiphenyl ether.

3. Mixed alloy modified

The main purpose of PBT blended with other polymers: to improve the notched impact strength, to improve the warping deformation caused by shrinkage during forming and to improve the heat resistance.

Blend is widely used at home and abroad to modify it. Blends modified for PBT polymer mainly PC, PET, and so on. Such products are mainly used in automobiles, electronics, power tools, glass fiber in different proportions, and its application areas are also different.

Fourth, the application


With the popularization of lightweight automotive, engineering plastics in the automotive applications are also more and more, PBT as one of the engineering plastics with its excellent mechanical properties, mechanical strength, fatigue resistance and dimensional stability and other advantages in the car The application is also very wide.


Ignition coils


Motor housing




Wipers, mirrors, door handles 


Automative lighting


New energy car charging gun

Home appliances and mobile phones


Black crystal furnace cover


Electric iron


Phone back shell

Electronic and electrical

PBT modified to have excellent toughness, high level of flame retardancy and good fluidity, excellent electrical properties of the electronic connector is the ideal material.


Solenoid valve shaft


High-voltage connector


Coil skeleton



4 cable

With the upgrading of China's 5G communications network, PBT resin has been widely used in the field of optical fiber sheathing due to its excellent mechanical properties, water and moisture resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation.


Lighting equipment

PBT material as a lighting material has good heat dissipation and good price advantage, anti-aging, durable


LED heat lamp